24++ What Pizza Do The Ninja Turtles Eat Free

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What Pizza Do The Ninja Turtles Eat. Millenial fans will remember the show which followed a quartet of turtles who fight crime from the shadows. We’ve create a list of the teenage mutant ninja turtles’ favorite pizza toppings from the classic tv show, and boy, are they weird!

Pizza time Childhood Nostalgia
Pizza time Childhood Nostalgia from 90kids.com

Yes, teenage mutant ninja turtles pizza! On a tip from a reader (thanks, derick), i learned that pizza hut has released four special “cheesy bites” pizzas, each intended to be the “favorite” of one of the ninja turtles! Making the turtles love pizza would make them seem cool to a younger audience.

Pizza time Childhood Nostalgia

In the tmnt universe, the turtles almost exclusively eat pizza, so it’s no wonder they love to experiment. They do still tip the guy though. Peter pham jun 3, 2014. Ninja pizza is a pizzeria in new york city.