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Jojo Is Garbage. Keep in mind that jojo's bizarre adventure follows the lives of many different protagonists across a large period of time. The anime isn't all that bad, but it is way far from perfect.

JOJO Garbage 2 YouTube
JOJO Garbage 2 YouTube from www.youtube.com

Jojo siwa is garbage she should go burn and die but jojo's bizarre adventure is holy and must be worshiped share 3,014 views • 48 upvotes • made by anonymous 1 year ago in anime Take the chimera ant arc in hunter x hunter for example, which highlights all of the new characters and abilities being shown through an. Actually, that's the perfect comparison.

JOJO Garbage 2 YouTube

It ruined jojo for me, i dont even. Actually, that's the perfect comparison. Pero aun asi tendra la comunidad mas toxica del mundo 5 reason why golden wind is better than stone ocean (& 5 reasons why stone ocean is better) cbr.