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Grossology Sloppy Joe. Escape from sloppy joe (released by playrix), grossology rush and talking grossology (released by outfit7) were released by jam city, inc. Apart from some laughing and other sounds, paige's friends don't talk.

Grossology 04 "Sloppy Joe to Go" YouTube
Grossology 04 "Sloppy Joe to Go" YouTube from www.youtube.com

Cohen, deven christian mack, paul o'sullivan. The original run ended on october 24, 2009. Insectiva was once a beautiful, young, promising university student who wanted to study entomology (the study of insects) until she discovered how insects are treated by science;

Grossology 04 "Sloppy Joe to Go" YouTube

The vomiting spree in yack attack is caused by sloppy joe swimming in a city reservoir. Can the now incredibly gross looking, smelling and feeling grossology team overcome these afflictions before the gruesome threesome take over the city? Until his stuffed secret tunnels burst and it starts raining garbage. Go from filthy, to filthy rich.