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Ship fast.
Spend less.

Control every aspect of your software project and pay for only for what you use with a mobile friendly UI, unlimited projects / environments and free usage tier.

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Why featureflag.tech

Launch new features quickly, simply and safely


  • Pricing based on number of requests rather than number of users.
  • Generous free tier: first 5k requests per month are free (avg 1 req per min).

Unlimited projects and environments

  • Number of projects: unlimited!
  • Number of environments: unlimited!
  • Number of flags: unlimited!

Rich, easy to use
control panel

  • Beautiful UI for non technical staff.
  • Works on your mobile
  • Super fast loading times

Quick, instant updates to your software project

  • Changes are delivered to your code within 150ms.
  • No need to redeploy your codebase.
Built for developers

Developers! Developers! Developers!

We believe that all dev teams should have the ability to quickly and efficiently take advantage of feature flags when building software. Our focus is on providing a first class feature flag service at the best possible price.

Part of this is an excellent developer experience: easy to use SDKS that only add a few KBs to your project, and extensive documentation.

We currently support...

Enterprise ready

High TPS, low latency

Built for scale and using AWS's fast global network, featureflag.tech's battle hardened API ensures you'll get your data quickly and securely anywhere in the world.


With FeatureFlag.Tech, you pay only for what you use. You are charged based on the number of requests for your flags, rounded up to the nearest 10,000 requests. We also add a small admin fee.

Your first 5,000 requests come under our free usage tier. This means you can sign up to the service, take advantage of our wonderful features and not pay anything.

This pricing structure comes with the following features:

  • Number of projects: unlimited
  • Number of environments: unlimited
  • Number of flags: unlimited
  • Request size limit: 10Kb
Requests $0.076 per 10,000 requests
Admin fee $1.00 per month (applied when you pass the free usage tier)

All major credit cards accepted.


Monthly price
Up to 5,000 requests per month. $0.00
Between 5,001 and 10,000 requests per month. $1.08
250,000 requests per month $2.90
2.6m requests per month (1 per second) $20.76

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